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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.


Spiritual Work with Children/Conclusion


In the very depth of the multidimensional universe there resides God-the-Father, the Creator — an Ocean of most light, most tender Consciousness.

The manifest world (the Creation) was created by Him and is permeated with the Light of the Holy Spirit coming out from the Abode of the Creator. This makes the manifest world look like a soft blanket covering the Creator.

The entire multidimensional universe is also God. God in this aspect is called the Absolute (that is Absolutely Everything). In the universe there is nothing (apart from the outer darkness, i.e. hell) that is not God-Absolute.

The Creation is a means of the evolution of God. Individual consciousnesses born of protopurusha [3,9-10,13] become incarnated into material bodies to grow and, in the end of the personal evolution, to cognize themselves as a Part of the Creator having infused themselves into Him.

When we try ourselves by asking the question “who am I?”, everyone gives an answer based on one’s own attachments (“I’m a driver”, “I’m a director”, “I’m a president”, “I’m a scientist”, “I’m a man”, “I’m a woman”, “I’m a boy”, “I’m a girl”, “I’m a diseased person”, “I’m a spiritual seeker”, “I’m a Holy Spirit”, “I’m a Part of the Creator”).

… Yes, at a certain moment one may want to cognize oneself as the Infinite Ocean of Love… And renouncing everything but love, one cognizes oneself — through many sufferings — as Love. And Love is God in the aspects of the Creator (the Primordial Consciousness), Christ (Messiah, Avatar), and the Holy Spirit (Brahman).

Here in the Creation — through the positive evolution of incarnated beings — God Himself changes, evolves. The entire manifest world is filled with positively evolving or degrading individual consciousnesses, which are changing particles of the Absolute.

And in this world every one of us has a possibility to cognize that I am a Part of the One Whole by merging the self-awareness with the Consciousness of God.

God is Love. We can become one with Him only if we transform ourselves (as consciousnesses) into as ideal Love as He is. How can one do this? It was taught by Jesus and by Others Who came from the Creator.

In the world, there are no ideal (from layman’s point of view) conditions for our incarnated existence. Nevertheless people who have understood correctly the Intent of the Creator advance successfully towards their Highest Goal, developing themselves as love.

One just needs to learn to love all the world as the Creator loves it. Only then one can fall in love with the Creator — and this love can bring one to Mergence with Him.

We can learn it ourselves and help children in this task.

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Spiritual Work with Children
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